Mountains Themed Baby Names


Here are Japanese names, which come from Mountains.


Gaku(岳)岳 is point, peak, mountain.Boy
Haruka(遼)遼 is distant.Boy
Ryo(遼)遼 is distant.Boy
Ryohei(遼平)遼 is distant. / 平 is even, flat, peace.Boy
Ryoma(遼真)遼 is distant. / 真 is true, reality, Buddhist sect.Boy
Ryota(遼太)遼 is distant. / 太 is plump, thick, big around.Boy
Ryota(遼大)遼 is distant. / 大 is large, big.Boy
Ryotaro(遼太郎)遼 is distant. / 太 is plump, thick, big around. / 郎 is son, counter for sons.Boy
Shun(峻)峻 is high, steep.Boy
Takashi(峻)峻 is high, steep.Boy
Takashi(岳)岳 is point, peak, mountain.Boy
Takeru(岳)岳 is point, peak, mountain.Boy
Takeshi(岳)岳 is point, peak, mountain.Boy


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