Japanese Baby Names for Boys Starting With Letter U


Pronunciation doesn't always fix name meaning in Japanese. Meaning depends on other elements . More>>


NameName in JapaneseMeaningGender
Uki優貴優 is tenderness, excel, surpass, actor, superiority, gentleness. / 貴 is precious, value, prize, esteem, honor.Boy
Umi海 is sea, ocean.Boy
Umi碧海碧 is blue, green. / 海 is sea, ocean.Boy
Umihito海人海 is sea, ocean. / 人 is person.Boy
Umito海斗海 is sea, ocean. / 斗 is Big Dipper, ten sho (vol), sake dipper, dots and cross radical (no. 68).Boy
Umito海人海 is sea, ocean. / 人 is person.Boy
Umito海音海 is sea, ocean. / 音 is sound, noise.Boy
Unato海人海 is sea, ocean. / 人 is person.Boy
Uru羽琉羽 is feathers, counter for birds, rabbits. / 琉 is precious stone, gem, lapis lazuli.Boy


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